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Clyde F. Barker Penn Transplant House

Our firm donated construction management services to this unique project designed and built entirely through private donations, and utilizing cutting-edge virtual construction technologies.

Built on the site of demolished fraternity houses at 40th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia, the Barker House provides low-cost housing for families of transplant patients.

The project was designed by star architect Rafael Viñoly and built on land donated by the University of Pennsylvania. Contractors and workers donated time and material. Our firm provided CM services including pre-construction, estimating, and project management. Virtual construction methods increased collaboration between stakeholders and maximized the economics of construction.

Responding to the sensitive needs of patients awaiting a compatible donor organ, the Transplant House maintains a residential scale while encouraging a supportive, communal environment. The facility offers familiar, domestic comforts including: furnished bedrooms, a family meeting room, dining area, communal kitchen with modern facilities, a laundry room, and computers with Internet access. The Barker House also acts as a community center with some of the social spaces designated for the wider transplant community.


Rafael Viñoly Architects

Total Square Footage:


Features / Amenities

  • Furnished bedrooms
  • Laundry
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Internet Access
  • Courtyard
Interior view of Transplant House
Inside the Barker House (C) Ty Cole
Barker Transplant House (C) Ty Cole
Barker Transplant House (C) Ty Cole